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Niqaab & Veils
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2 Layer Niqaab

Elegantly cool soft flowing face veil. Try our new soft touch imported 2 layer Flowing niqaab…. ..

Ex Tax: R359.00

Elastic 2 Layer Niqaab

Hibah’s very famous eye comfort elastic niqaab has been launched with a flap Layer with elegant ..

Ex Tax: R399.00

Grab & Go Niqaab (Tie/Velcro)

easy grab and go signature niqaab in a single layer available for your comfort...

Ex Tax: R179.00
Half Niqaab Out Of Stock

Half Niqaab

Half Niqaab are simply comfy. It has a simple elastic that slips over the head like A bib-worn w..

Ex Tax: R149.00

Niqaab with Firm Band

Bedoon style Niqaab with firm forehead band and thin tie..

Ex Tax: R249.00

Signature Single Layer Niqaab

The elastic join from the band to face cover in hibah’s high demand niqaab fabric Makes it excel..

Ex Tax: R259.00